Thursday, 13 September 2012

Grace; Room Refurb. & Relentless Reality

Hi world, Grace here :)

So not a completely on topic blog post, but I have some things I'd like to share, and seeing as this is our blog, I feel realistically we can put whatever we want on it :D Throughout the summer I have been redoing my room (as I'm living at home and the room needs to move on from when I was 13) in little steps and it is starting to fiiiinally come together. I wanted to share some photos of it now it’s nearly done, and I’ll share some more once I’ve got it perfect, as a kind of before and after :) 

I’ve been reading DIY tutorials from blogs like A Beautiful Mess, and Pinteresting my little heart out, so I think there’s going to be some pretty little DIY additions over the next few months :) I have my eye on these Teacup Fairy lights at the moment…but in the mean time, here's my room in progress! WARNING there is still a lot of clutter, those with OCD or neat constitutions, look away now.

I’ve also thrown out and sold A LOT of childhood and random stuff, I mean there were a good 2 black bin bags and about 10 shopping bags. I had to face the ultimate challenge of staring my old toys in the face and accepting that I don’t need them anymore…not easy for someone whose mother describes her as having ‘hoarder tendencies’. I’ve been putting the grim task off ever since I watched Toy Story 3…that motherflipping film had me puffy faced and teary from start to end, promising myself I would never be so cruel as to let my toys go. I had to in the end though... *sigh*

ANYWAY I now have room to put things away instead of piling them up around me, which is quite refreshing :) I have space for all my magazines and DVDs to fit onto the shelves nicely at last! I've always been unorganized and messy, so this is my first real attempt at trying to sort it all out and form something resembling structure. I even got a calendar and's hoping it works!

The Ladies who Do, Tea For Two x


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    1. The primary colour ones? Haha I love them they are my Mondrian shoes :D Make me feel super artsy and whatnot, got them on sale at office! Gx