Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What Aimee did... at the What Katie Did AW12 Launch

Well that was an adventure. As we walked in to What Katie Did, based in the heart of the Portobello market, we were greeted by the lovely staff of The Vintage Patisserie dressed in underwear-as-outerwear (also wearing skirts) offering us alcoholic tea, yes, that’s right, alcoholic tea. This included an Earl Grey G&T and a Champagne & Builders (builders tea, there weren’t mini builders swimming around); as “interesting” as this sounds, the drinks were gorgeous and I had to drag myself away from the tea pots for fear of becoming a little tipsy. Very unprofessional for us Ladies! Instead we both opted for the equally refreshing homemade lemonade with juicy blackberries floating in the cup.

To go with these drinks there were delectable chocolate cupcakes also provided by The Vintage Patisserie, with butter cream icing and white chocolate hearts printed with a picture of either a burlesque dancer or the WKD logo. And all this was on our walk in! I haven’t even got started on the underwear. 

We were given a while to mill around, where we met the lovely Lori Smith aka Lipstick Lori and the super talented Tigz Rice founder of Tigz Rice studios (aka burlesque dancer Raven Six), and admire the impressive range of lingerie before the much awaited unveiling of this season began. We were all ushered outside with a drink where we became an audience to the glass front of the shop. Suddenly the music kicked in (vintage, of course) which was shortly followed by a stream of models garbed in lace, satin and velvet. As they pranced through the shop not only were you admiring the stunning underwear but also their exquisite hair and make-up.

We saw the Autumn/Winter 2012 range (which by the way was just… there are no words to describe the beauty in this corsetry, you’ll have to go to
the website and see for yourself) and were then treated to a theatrical striptease. 

It commenced with the cheeky, attractive Sophia St. Villier getting undressed rather lavishly. She discovered a ring on the sofa and no sooner had she put it on than another girl (the blonde bombshell Miss Miranda) appeared, claiming rights over the newly acquired ring. Once Miss Miranda had retrieved her ring she subjected the Sophia to a kinky spanking!

I, Aimee Watts, could not believe my eyes that in the middle of Portobello Green at 3 in the afternoon, a woman dressed in a corset was being spanked by another woman in a corset! Had I walked into the wrong event?! This little show ended up with Miss Miranda, complete with handcuffs, leading the Sophia, now waving a leather whip, behind the curtain! My my, what had we got ourselves into? The show didn’t stop there, continuing sans racy punishments. We were then privy to the Spring/Summer 2013 range which was also stunning, from gloriously coloured satin bras and knickers to equally beautiful high waisted 
bikinis and swimsuits, I know exactly where I will be shopping for my next sunny getaway!

Once the show was over it was back into the shop to eat more cake - I mean inspect some saucy suspenders, and try on some of the items that had been taunting us from the safety of their smug hangers. Immediately there was a queue for the three dressing rooms and had I drunk anymore of that Tea&G&T I would have probably bankrupted myself by buying everything in the shop. We both loved the Satin Bullet Bra/Knickers and Suspender sets, available in black, navy, white or peach. They’re great because they can be comfortably worn under everyday clothes, or worn in rather more... ehem, cheeky situations without looking out of place! I also tried on the classic over-bust corset which was quick and simple to do up, looked amazing and for a few moments, I was the ultimate skinny bitch…! Then Grace undid the laces. But before that, I was thinking how good it looked and how I could breathe really easily! 

Sadly it came time to leave and as we tried to tear ourselves away from those near saint level racks, the only thing stopping me from just setting up home in the shop was the knowledge that we will see them all at the Goodwood revival in a few days.

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