Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Word "Trendy"

Now I know this is a little off the subject of what were are about, but in the past few weeks I have noticed people giving me rather odd looks when I use what can only be described as great words. 
  Nowadays we as people have to understand that everything goes out of fashion. And I mean everything. But it does seem a little ridiculous that words can go out of fashion! The other day I said “trendy”. I can understand that this is very much so a “mum” word, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good one. To make up for “that outfit is trendy” you have to use a whole list of descriptive words such as “that outfit is put together in a way that is fashion following yet with an original twist which results in a combination of clothing and accessories which you wouldn’t necessarily think to match on a day to basis but when you do see them put together they work in a way that is both attention grabbing and inspiring and all together pleasing”. Or you could just say the outfit is trendy.
   But why are we so scared of using these “uncool” words? Who really cares that we don’t seem “up to date”? We do! We care. We, the people who complain that everyone is too judging and should just be themselves, are the very same people who do the judging and will try on three different outfits that they love equally before settling on one that may not be as flattering but is more fashionable.  Despite what people say everyone cares what everyone else thinks. Surely though, people could tell that we are actually “cool” by looking at our groovy outfit and not just focusing on what we say? (is groovy not cool either?) sadly no, apparently not. 
  In todays society we have to be “cool” in every single aspect of our lives, as failings in one area, such as our language, can not be compensated for in other areas, such as our fashion choices. Whats that all about then?! 
  Another difficulty I see today is that what is it to be cool? On one hand we have to be original and self confident, on the other we can’t be too original or arrogant. Oh the pains of being a youth! 
  So here is my promise: I will use words like trendy and groovy and pretend not to notice when people take a second glance at my clothing when they hear said words. I will be happy in my own little ways and that is that because to be perfectly honest, if being cool means I have to not only ask friends their opinion before buying something but read into the looks of fellow shoppers as well, and bite my tongue and think of a more updated word than “trendy” because I scared people may think Im actually a 45 year old mother in disguise, then I don’t want to be cool. I am proud to say I am a comfortable looser. 

Now I have some homeworl for you all, you lovely people: I want you to include the following words into as much of your everyday language as possible. Then tell us about your experiences! 
1) Trendy
2) Groovy
3) Funky
4) Disco
5) Fly (as in "those shoes are super-fly", not "do you fly to Manchester or take the rain?" thats won't count)



  1. Hi Grace! Anne here!

    I will have no problem adhering to this as I already use the word 'trendy' on a fairly regular basis. I'm undecided on the merits of 'disco' though. But then I am actually super-old so what do I know?

    Anyway, love your blog, keep it up. It's super-fly!


  2. haha we see what you did there with the "super-fly", very nice! Anne age has no meaning at all when it comes to fashion, just look at Vivian Westwood, my (aimee's) idol. Disco is a word that I feel I should adopt at every time i say "the club" I sound like an awkward extra in a 50 cent music video.
    So you keep on with your tendies and super-flies, you cool cat!