Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ladies at...various places hence why they have't been here

Right ladies and Gentlemen. The Time Has Come! The Ladies who do tea will be back in full (scented and powdered) force.
  Apologies for the delay. We have been hard at work/galavanting in Argentina/Uni/Moving house/growing up considerably.

 However, we would like to announce to our diminishing followers (not that we blame you, we haven't exactly been exiting recently) that we shall be coming back with more wonderful, beautiful and darn cool places to go and things to do.

 Among other things, we have decided to introduce the not so vintage aspect of London; don't worry, this is still a vintage blog, but it also acknowledges the fact that, sadly, we don't live in the 50's but to make up for that, this modern world has provided some pretty snazzy places to distract us.

 Coming up you can expect to see the likes of Aimee and Grace in swanky nightspots such as The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, The King Of Ladies Man and The Portside Parlour to name a few.

 Oh and yes, we do have a new Goodwood Revival blog, late as it may be, to post!

  As always we are open to suggestions.

So stay powdered ladies, tell your friends and await our words!


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